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ANY-maze accessories

A range of accessories designed to work seamlessly with the ANY-maze software and AMi-2 interfaces.


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AMi-2 Radio remote control

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The AMi-2 Remote control provides a simple and practical way to remotely start tests. It consists of two parts: a receiver, which connects to a USB port on your computer, and the remote control itself, which has two buttons and works through walls and at distances of up to 50 metres.


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ANY-maze Infrared illuminator

The ANY-maze infrared illuminator allows you to track in very low light or even total darkness.


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AMi-2 photobeam

The AMi-2 photobeams detect when an animal breaks an infrared beam and can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as detecting when an animal passes through a door, detecting nose-pokes, detecting how far down a corridor the animal has travelled...


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AMi-2 Cue lights

The AMi-2 Cue lights are perfect for providing visible cues to animals during tests. The lights are water resistant and are available in a variety of colours and sizes (22mm, white shown here).


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AMi-2 Rotary encoder

The AMi-2 Rotary encoder detects rotations an axle. This can be useful in a variety of situations. For example, if the axle has a running wheel mounted on it, the encoder will detect rotations of the wheel; or, if the axle connects to an animal tether, the encoder will detect rotations of the animal.


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ANY-maze Photobeam array

The ANY-maze photobeam array provide a 'curtain' of photobeams and is often used to detect when an animal rears. It can also be as a movement detector, which can generate reliable movement 'counts' in circumstances in which video tracking can't be used.


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ANY-maze Wired remote control

The ANY-maze wired remote control allows you to start and stop tests at a distance from the computer.


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ANY-maze Camera mount

The high quality ANY-maze camera mount provides the versatility of wall, ceiling, or drop ceiling mounting.


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USB hub