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ANY-maze will collate and format your experiment's results

Because ANY-maze understands the structure of your experiment, it's able to organise your results and present them in an intuitive way.
Of course, you're in control, so you can group the results in any way you wish. You can filter tests and you can choose what's displayed - for example, you could replace the SD with the SEM.


Results can be plotted as graphs

With a single click you can transform a text report, like the one shown above, to a graph like the one shown here.
And ANY-maze doesn't only create column graphs - it can plot results across time using line graphs and show distributions using scatter plots. Naturally, you can change the colours, alter the error bars, etc.


ANY-maze can even perform statistical analysis

ANY-maze includes more than 30 parametric and non-parametric statistical tests.
As the system understands the data it's analysing, it's able to choose the correct test automatically - for example, in the image on the left, ANY‑maze will use a 2-way ANOVA with one repeated measure (stage).


Of course, you can easily access your data and transfer it to other programs

Although ANY-maze can perform quite sophisticated analysis of your results, we don't pretend that it can replace a full blown stats program such as SPSS or a specialist graphing application such as GraphPad, so we've made it really easy to move your data to other programs.
You can copy the entire data spreadsheet (shown on the right), or just a part of it, and paste it directly into most programs. Alternatively you can save the data to a file in a variety of common formats.
And you can access the raw tracking data too, with simple export options to write it to CSV or XML files.