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ANY-maze works with most analogue and digital cameras, ranging from professional USB cameras to low cost web cams

USB cameras, such as the one shown on the left, are generally the best solution for ANY-maze image capture. They provide excellent images in almost all conditions and you can choose a lens that suits your apparatus.
That said, in many instances a low cost web cam is an excellent alternative, although bear in mind that you can't zoom in and out and the cable is often quite short.

Get full details about the cameras you can use with ANY-maze


ANY-maze also works with most video files

ANY-maze allows you to track in video files:


If your experiments are performed in low light, or even in complete darkness, ANY-maze can still track the animals

All you need is an inexpensive infrared illuminator, like the one shown on the left. Most cameras (including all the cameras we sell for use with ANY-maze) are sensitive to infrared light, so other than the illuminator no other special equipment is required.