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Features  >  Complete list of ANY-maze measures

ANY-maze can report hundreds of different measures

Measures are the things that ANY-maze can report and analyse following a test. For example, the distance the animal travelled, the time it spent in a certain zone and the number of times it pressed a lever, are all measures. The list below includes all the measures ANY-maze can report, organised into convenient groups.
If you want to learn more about a specific measure then download the document A detailed description of the ANY-maze measures which provides information on all the measures, including how each one is calculated.
If a measure you need is not listed here just let us know - we're continuously adding measures requested by users, for free.

Apparatus measures

Zone measures

Point measures

Sequence measures

Key measures

On/off input measures

Signal input measures

Sensor input measures

Rotary encoder input measures

Movement detector measures

Output switch measures

Syringe pump measures

Virtual switch measures

Procedure measures