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5th November 2019

Updates to ANY-maze are now free

We've just released version 6.18 of ANY-maze, and with it we have changed the ANY-maze updates policy so that all updates are now free for all users, forever! What's more, this change is retrospective, so it doesn't matter when you purchased ANY-maze or what version you are currently using, you can now update to 6.18, and then always stay up-to-date.

Download the latest version to update your ANY-maze computer.


11th March 2017

ANY-maze 5.2 released

We've just released ANY-maze version 5.2 with support for AMi-2, the second generation of the popular ANY-maze interface (AMi). There are six AMi-2 devices each of which performs a specific input/output function. In comparison to the original AMi, AMi-2 devices provide improved performance in a smaller form-factor and at a lower price.

Check out the full details of the new AMi-2 interfaces


3rd March 2017

AMi-2 Optogenetic interface launched

We've just launched the inovative AMi-2 Optogenetic interface which can independently control up to four optogenetic lasers during behavioural tests, either pulsing a laser with very high precision at a specific frequency and duty cycle or 'playing' a series of arbitrary pulses. If a laser supports it, the interface can also dynamically adjust the laser's intensity.

Check out full details of the AMi-2 Optogenetic interfaces


28th March 2016

ANY-maze 5.1 released

We've just released ANY-maze version 5, the biggest update in the history of the system. Built on the solid foundations of version 4, this new version has an updated user interface and is packed with exciting new features - but don't worry, we've been careful to retain the legendary ANY-maze ease of use.

Check out the full details of ANY-maze 5.1